About TATA Steel

Welcome to an ever-evolving, expanding world without boundaries that is embracing diversity, innovation, sustainability for a better quality of life. We began our journey by being Asia’s first integrated private steel company in 1907. With this TATA Steel, laid its foundation in India’s first industrial city at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand.

Tata Steel - Beyond Boundaries

Going Beyond Boundaries

Driven by the motto ‘the farther it reaches, the better'— from South-East Asia to Europe, our relentless efforts have put our organization under the global spotlight. With our operations expanding to 26 countries and with a commercial presence in over 50 countries, TATA Steel has left a lasting mark all over the world. As the second-largest steel producer in Europe with a crude steel production capacity of over 12.1 MnTPA, now we are focusing our efforts in the South-East Asian region. At present, TATA Steel is setting a strong foothold of its key steel operations in Singapore, Thailand, and China with its value-added products and services.

Growing towards a better future

We endeavor to grow and serve humankind in the most efficient way possible. Today, TATA Steel is counted among one of the leading global companies in the world. In India alone, our annual crude steel capacity is nearly 13 MnTPA with a registered turnover of USD 7889 Mn in the financial year 2017. We also set up our second greenfield steel plant in India’s eastern state of Odisha— commissioning the first phase (3 MnTPA) of 6 MnTPA capacity in 2016.

Tata Steel - Cost-effectivity

Cost efficiency

TATA Steel possesses and operates captive mines which help in maintaining production efficiency along with cost-competitiveness with a smooth supply of raw-material. Through this, we work towards remaining the lowest-cost producer of steel in Asia. We also strive towards reaching out to our stakeholders inclusively.

Join the ever-evolving world

Curiosity has been taking TATA Steel to places. We believe that an exemplary venture begins with a simple thought driven with a vision in mind. We are ever eager to explore endless possibilities and the unimaginable scope they hold with you. Let us take a step forward and work towards making our dream vision a reality.