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Saving time with Sm@rtFab

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, about 1,737 projects pertaining to the Indian infrastructure industry are worth Rs 150 crore and above. Of these massive projects, almost 470 reported cost overruns and 525 are delayed. The reasons for time overruns as reported by various project implementing agencies include delay in land acquisition, delay in obtaining clearances, and lack of infrastructure support and linkages.

Other major causes are delay in tie-up for project financing, change in scope, delay in tendering, ordering and equipment supply, and law and order problems. Reports also cited state-wise lockdown due to COVID-19 as a reason for the delay in implementation of these projects, further estimates being that time/cost overrun figures are underreported.

Below graph shows us the year on year patterns of delay incurred and cost overruns in these projects:

How do we make sure that projects get completed within the desired budget and timeline then? Here comes Sm@rtFAB, India's first branded welded wire fabric (WWF). It is a cold-worked, ribbed, electrically fused wire fabric that can be used in concrete reinforcements, leading to optimum steel usage close to actual design, to reduce steel intensity and save money and time.

Using this ready-to-use construction solution is not only simple, but also increases on-site productivity, minimizes labour reliance, resulting in lower total costs and time savings. Sounds surreal doesn’t it?

Why is it convenient and smarter to use  Sm@rtFab?


Take the example of Vaishnavi Signature, a 10-floor commercial building with 2 basements. Over 2.5 lakh sq feet was completed in just 6 months compared to a normal 18-24 months. 

Located at ORR, Bellandur, Vaishnavi Signature is one of the most prestigious and award winning commercial projects. The cutting edge design conveys a message of a triumph of commercial aspirations. The façade is majestic, evokes an image of elegance and strength, and is reflective of technological precision and timely delivery.

  • Location: Bellandur ORR, Bengaluru
  • Area: 2,50,000 Sq. ft.
  • Occupant: WeWork
  • Year of Completion : 2019

Check out the inaugural video here.

Each batch of Welded Wire Mesh goes through thorough scrutiny and tests and is certified with a Test Certificate, while ensuring the best purchasing experience for its customers. Visit the Sm@rtFab site to know more.