Welded Wire Mesh

Welded mesh is a prefabricated reinforcement solution consisting of parallel series of wires or rebars welded together in square or rectangular grids. Welded wire fabric (WWF), welded wire reinforcement, welded wire mesh and wire weld-mesh are interchangeably used terms for prefabricated reinforcement meshes manufactured using wires.

Why choose Welded Wire Mesh over Welded Rebar Mesh?

Tata Steel Prefabricated Welded Wire Mesh Solutions
Wires are available in a range of diameters, while rebars are available in a few discrete sections. So, wire mesh presents greater design options and helps optimise steel consumption.
TMT Rebars
Welding on rebars is not recommended. TMT rebars consist of a hard outer ‘tempered martensite’ layer for strength and a soft inner ‘ferrite-pearlite’ core for ductility. Welding is likely to adversely affect the outer layer, thus compromising strength at weld spots.

Frequently asked question on Welded Wire Mesh

Is Sm@rtFAB a rebar mesh?

No. It is a welded wire fabric.

How is Sm@rtFAB different from locally available welded wire meshes?

Sm@rtFAB is a pioneering solution for Indian Construction Industry:
  • It is the only WWF solution to be offered by an integrated steel producer in India. It is manufactured using wires drawn from Tata Steel’s wire rods only and manufactured at steel processing centers of Tata Steel.
  • SmartFAB is a welded fabric of ribbed wires. Ribbing provides additional mechanical anchorage for better bonding with concrete.

How is lapping provided for WWF?

As per IS 456 Clause- (f) - Laps shall not be less than ‘spacing of cross wires plus 100mm’

What is the depth of welding provided?

Depth of the weld shall be one third of diameter of wires.

What are the effects of welding on wires? Are there any changes in chemistry?

Electric arc fusion welding is done without any foreign elements. It changes the state of joints from solid to liquid and then again solidifies them together. Hence, chemistry of rods is not affected.

How can one be certain of the quality of Sm@rtFAB WWF?

Each shipment is accompanied by test certificate and proper tags bearing Tata Steel and Sm@rtFAB Logos. These welded wire fabrics carry the quality promise of Tata Steel.