About Sm@rtFAB

It is Tata Steel’s Welded Wire Fabric solution. It is a cold worked, ribbed*, flat welded wire fabric, manufactured using electric fusion welding, at the intersections of main and cross wires placed at the requisite spacing intervals.

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Tata Steel Welded Wire Fabric Sheet Dimension

Standard Welded Wire Fabric Sheet Sizes

Type A Square Fabric 200mm main wire spacing / 200mm cross wire spacing
Type B Rectangular Fabric 100mm main wire spacing / 200mm cross wire spacing
Type D Small Square Fabric 100mm main wire spacing / 100mm cross wire spacing
Type E Square Fabric 150mm main wire spacing / 150mm cross wire spacing

Our Welded Wire Mesh is available in following sizes:

  • Wire Diameter*:
    • Available in 2mm to 4.9mm in plane roll form (Commonly available sections are 2.3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm)
    • From 5mm to 12mm at an interval of 1mm as ribbed flat customised sheet
  • Spacing interval: In rectangular grids from 75mm to 300mm at an interval of 5mm
  • Fabric Size: 2.4 meter (width) x 6 meter (length)


  • Usage of electric fusion welding
  • Spacing accuracy is guaranteed
  • Produced as per IS 1566 (Hard drawn steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement) with steel complying to IS 432-2

Physical and chemical properties of Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) is determined based on IS specifications

Desired Physical Property Unit Min Value as per IS 432-2 Achieved 550 Gr Properties
UTS N/mm2 570 585
Proof Stress(0.2%) N/mm2 480 550
Elongation % 71/2 10
Shear Strength 0.25 times of Ys=> as per 1566 with test method of IS 4948.
Desired Chemical Composition - % C Mn P S
Min 0.03 0.3    
Max 0.13 0.60 0.05 0.05

*Note: 2 mm to less than 5 mm (plain welded wire fabric in roll form); 5 mm-12 mm (ribbed welded wire fabric as flat customized shapes); Interval of 1 mm