Sm@rtFAB - Welded Wire Fabric (WWF)

Sm@rtFAB has reformed the traditional ways of construction. TATA Steel’s innovative offering has made building smart with its easy-ready to use mesh wire solution. Sm@rtFAB aims to increase productivity standards on site while reducing overall costs and saving time. Manufactured with leading-edge technology, Sm@rtFAB is a cold-worked, ribbed, electrically fused wire fabric that can be used in concrete reinforcements.

Our Prefabricated Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturing Process

TATA Steel manufactures Prefabricated Welded Wire Mesh while using the latest manufacturing technology. Every batch of Sm@rtFAB is manufactured under TATA Steel’s strict quality assurance guidelines. 

What goes into the making of Sm@rtFAB?

  • Cold Working

    Wire rods made of Low Carbon Steel of grades SAE1008 (IS7887- Grade 3) and SAE1010 (IS7887- Grade 4) with carbon content less than 0.15% are cold drawn to achieve the desired results. Benefits of cold working wire rods include increased strength, improved surface finish

    controlled dimensional tolerance among many others which makes every batch of Sm@rtFAB a smart building solution. 


    Cold rolling a steel wire helps in increasing its tensile strength whereas ribbing ensures the bonding between the steel wire and the concrete of the structure. Ribbing gives the wire the properties that are similar to a rebar while giving it strength. Additionally, the crack widths in the concrete elements are controlled to the minimum to evenly distribute the load across the wire for maintaining a better grip in concrete as compared to a plain wire.

    Cold Working - Tata Steel Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturing Process
  • Electric Fusion Welding

    Electric Fusion Welding (EFW) is a precise and semi-automatic welding technique that is widely used to manufacture welded steel wire mesh. This machine has a chamber that is capable of delivering the welds at calculated junctions. When it comes to steel wire mesh, these calculated junctions are the points of intersection at the horizontally and vertically aligned steel wires. Owing to the technique, the affected zone is so small that the joint has almost no distortion. 

    On the other hand, Electrical Resistance Welding (ERW) is used for generating enough heat to create a weld. After one part of the welding process is done, one more length of parallel wire is forwarded into the machine to carry on the same welding process. Once the desired length of a welded mesh is produced, the mesh is cut into specified standard or custom dimensions. This technique gives the steel wires their dynamic load strength.

    Electric Fusion Welding - Tata Steel Welded Wire Fabric Manufacturing Process
  • Packaging, Handling & Tagging

    Handling - Tata Steel Weld Mesh Manufacturing Process
    Tagging - Tata Steel Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) Manufacturing Process
    Packaging- Tata Steel Welded Wire Fabric Manufacturing Process
    Packaging- Tata Steel Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturing Process