Tata Steel Promise

Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) is a premium offering by TATA Steel – a company that has a legacy and expertise of over 100 years, the best quality steel and the most dependable service.

Why Sm@rtFAB

  • High Quality Steel:
    Tata Steel produces some of the world’s best steel that ensures good chemistry of wire rods with low impurities, increasing its longevity. It also has a better welding ability and consistent properties
  • Better Concrete Bonding:
    The mechanical anchorage at each welded wire intersection, and the ribbing pattern provide better bonding and stress transfer from concrete to steel
  • Better Crack Resistance:
    The thinner wires with closer spacing ensure homogeneity in the section and eliminate the chance of displacement or omission of steel bars during concreting, thereby enhancing the structural integrity
  • Quality Check:
    Each batch of Welded Wire Mesh goes through thorough scrutiny and tests and is certified with a Test Certificate
  • Controlled Manufacturing:
    Our wide range of wire diameters and spacing between wires makes it possible to match the exact cross sectional steel area required, thereby allowing customisation and flexibility to suit different structures
  • Customer-First Approach:
    TATA Steel ensures the best purchasing experience for its customers. Just place the order Welded Wire Mesh and everything else will be taken care of by us.

Unique Product and Service Differentiation by Tata Steel

  • Design consultancy through dedicated structural consultants contracted by Tata Steel.
  • Mesh detailing services through Tata Steel IT infrastructure.
  • Complete Supply chain solution from wire rod to mesh at site.
  • Test certificate along with each consignment.
  • After sales support e.g. Placement drawing.